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CCTV & Key Holding

We use remote monitoring through CCTV technology throughout London and West London, providing an effective method of monitoring a site reducing the need for permanent manned guarding. From our control room, our operators can observe activity that might be taking place on site. CCTV remote monitoring provides perimeter protection as well as visual verification.

At Kensington Security Ltd we improve alarm response times for companies across London by utilising a unique key control holding system. Instead of collecting keys from a central point or key bank and we secure your keys on your site using a high security, intelligent storage vault that holds multiple keys. Our Incident Response Officer places a valid key into the vault interface and enters a secure PIN code to access the key/s.

Any keys we hold at our Control Centre are coded and all movements are security cleared and recorded.

Key Holding can also include the routine opening and closing of your premises and acceptance of late deliveries during out of hour’s periods.